We feel that it is important for us to be open and transparent in our dealings with patients, which is why we do not hide our fees away, but happily display them for all our patients to see.

Description Price
Consultation fee 30
Acrylic Denture (1 Tooth) 300
Acrylic Denture (2-4 Teeth) 350
Acrylic Denture (5-8 Teeth) 400
Acrylic Denture (9 Plus Teeth) 450
Full Upper or Lower Denture 450
Full Upper and Lower Denture (Basic Teeth) 900
Addition of Premium Teeth 150
Addition of Strengtheners 100
Solvay Palate Free Ultaire ™ AKP Denture – upper or lower 850
Chrome Palate Free Denture (Basic Teeth) 850
Chrome Palate Free Denture (Premium Teeth) 950
Repair (Basic- Simple Fracture) 60
Repair (Complex- Multiple Fracture) 80
Repair (With Impression) 90
Repair With Strengthener 120
Addition of Teeth to Denture (1-3 teeth) 90
Addition of Teeth to Denture (4-7 teeth) 100
Addition of Teeth to Denture (8 plus teeth) 150
Denture Cleaning 25
Denture Labelling With Name And Number 30
Denture Reline (Chairside Hard/Soft) 60
Denture Reline (Laboratory) 250
Tooth Bleaching Upper and Lower Arch (With Home Kit) 200
Tooth Bleaching Home Kit 50
Sports Mouth Guards (All Team Colours with Name) 90
Bruxism Splint (Simple) 80
Bruxism Splint (Michigan Tanner) 250
Replacement Essex Retainers Upper and Lower 120
Replacement Hawley Retainers Upper and Lower 150
Soft lining – additional to denture price 150
Partial acrylic denture (1-3 teeth) in a day 450
Implant over-dentures – POA