About Us

Denture LaboratoryAt Gorey Denture Clinic we are experts in our field and we produce quality dentures day in and day out, we are able to pass on this expertise to our patients who attend our Denture Clinic, which is located on the upper floor of our premises.

All dentures are created in-house so any modifications or adjustments are needed can be done. In fact everything we manufacture ‘In-House’ so total quality control is guaranteed. Repairs and additions can also be carried out.

If your dentures are broken or if you have recently lost a tooth, and require dentures to be fitted, whether you are a dental surgery, or a private customer in need of dentures, we will gladly help you. Visit the clinic in Gorey for a consultation.

The specialism of our Denturist lies in his ability to restore function and aesthetics to anyone who has lost some or all their teeth.

We specialise in designing dentures to match your specifications. We also make gum shields and mouth guards, sleep appliances, night grinding appliances, orthodontic retainer replacement and tooth bleaching. Get in touch with us today.

Whether an acrylic or chrome denture, we will take you through all the different options and give you the pros and cons for each type of denture available. We’ll also take you through the various pricing structures too to make sure you are getting a new denture within your budget.

You can be sure that your new teeth are going to be aesthetic and natural looking. When you buy a new denture you want to know that it is going to look like natural teeth so we take great care when helping you select the right shape, size and coloured tooth for your new denture and no denture will be finished until you are happy with the aesthetics.

With our expertise we can help guide you as to what would look good, but also what type of tooth would suit your particular shape of mouth. We can talk you through the various different types of denture available and with advantages and disadvantage of each outlined so that you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you.

Simon Langran

Simon Langran, owner of the Gorey Denture Clinic, has 20 years experience as a Dental Technician specialising in Prosthetic and Orthodontic appliance fabrication. For the past 5 years Simon has worked in a busy private practice as a Denturist and has worked in the Dublin Dental Hospital for the past 15 years as a Dental Technician and student instructor. Simon completed a Masters in 2007 and went on to complete a post-graduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology, qualifying top of his class in Trinity College.