Complete Dentures

DenturesDentures are appliances that replace lost teeth and which can be removed from the mouth (appliances that are permanently fixed are called bridges).

Dentures are made using manufactured teeth in a range of shades and shapes that your Denturist will help you choose. These are then skillfully processed into an acrylic base that is made to fit the anatomy of your own mouth.

Upper & Lower Dentures

Full upper dentures are mainly kept in position by suction, whereas the lower denture is kept in place by your gums and muscles. Denture wearers therefore often have more trouble with their lower dentures. It takes time to get used to new dentures and they often need several adjustments. Always discuss any concerns with your Denturist.

Your dentures can make a world of difference to you. They should fit well, be comfortable and look like natural teeth. Our Denturist ensures that your dentures are manufactured and crafted to your own personal needs and budgetary requirements. New dentures are wonderful, allowing you to enjoy eating your favourite food again and can make you look and feel younger.

Benefits of New Dentures


After a few years however subtle changes occur in dentures and they will no longer have quite as natural a feeling as they once had. The dentures might have become badly worn or even worse, loose in your mouth. When this happens you can either suffer in silence or seek out someone who is qualified to help. Whether you have had the same dentures for more than 5 years, have loose fitting dentures, have badly worn dentures or simply lost your dentures, getting a new set can change your whole life for the better.

Dentures are designed to last up to approximately 5 years. After this time dentures will become loose – especially the lower one. This problem will then cause:

  • An over closing bite
  • Your chin to start sticking out
  • A noticeably tense look in your mouth and jaws
  • Pain associated with denture movement
  • Loss of tooth height and aesthetics

The longer you leave your old dentures in the more difficult it becomes to get comfortable with your new dentures. If you’re constantly losing you dentures, then ask yourself why you’re taking them out in the first place. If your dentures are uncomfortable or loose in your mouth you should visit our Denturist to get them fixed or replaced.