Partial Dentures

Chrome Cobalt Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are dentures replacing one or more teeth up to 11 teeth. These can be made from either cobalt chrome, Solvay or acrylic. They are retained in the mouth around the existing teeth and if fitted properly can be very stable.

Any over trimming of an acrylic denture by a clinician can result in the denture being unstable or loose. In certain cases where there are few teeth present, a stainless steel clasp can be added to aid with the retention of the acrylic denture in the mouth. In cases where between 1-5 teeth are being replaced clasps are normally not required. It is always wise to remember that the lifespan of any denture will depend on how well the existing teeth are maintained and cleaned. The loss of multiple teeth will be detrimental to any denture and may require replacement of the denture.

A chrome partial denture is retained in the mouth around the existing teeth. It is a cast metal framework and should only be fitted on patients with good oral hygiene and strong healthy teeth. Any loss of teeth following fitting of a chrome denture will result in the denture being substantially less retentive and possibly unwearable.

Chrome Cobalt partial dentures are cast metal dentures generally considered to be the more permanent partial denture, unlike plastic partial dentures they are clipped to the natural teeth with clasps and most importantly incorporate rests on the teeth. The clasps hold the denture firm and the rests help to stop any damaging up and down movement.

These partial dentures are far superior to plastic partial dentures because they are much thinner and the gums stay healthier because the biting force is shared between the gums and the remaining teeth.

In certain designs we are able to have an open palate allowing taste and hot and cold detection to be improved when compared to plastic dentures.

Although Chrome dentures are more expensive, they have a longer lifespan to acrylic dentures. All partial dentures will last longer if the teeth surrounding them are kept in good health.

Now you can also avail of a premium alternative to metal partial denture, called Ultaire ™ AKP removable partial denture (also known as Solvay). Ultaire ™ AKP dentures are metal-free, comfortable, lightweight, biocompatible and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal frameworks. Ultaire ™ AKP are strong enough to be tooth supported but less rigid than metal, offering a comfortable, secure fit.

How Do You Get Partial Dentures?

The first thing to do is visit a dentist. As partial dentures are fitted alongside your natural teeth, it is required to have an ongoing prescription/treatment plan arranged with a dentist before having your dentures made. We are able to recommend qualified dentists to help put together a treatment plan for you or alternatively please ask your dentist. Once you have seen a dentist, you can then be confident that you are going to have the best denture result possible alongside strong, healthy teeth.

Are Partial Dentures Comfortable to Wear?

Most patients get used to partial dentures within a few weeks. No more missing teeth, allowing you to speak and eat normally again. Your gums may change shape over time requiring new dentures to fit the new shape as your mouth. If this occurs you will need to visit our Denturist in order to get your partial dentures adjusted correctly.

So remember, Good oral hygiene = longer lasting dentures!